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Until the Last Oak Falls - launch

On Thursday, September 8th, the Islington Climate Centre kicked off its autumn schedule with the launch of a stunning exhbition of images of eco activism in the 1990s by acclaimed documentary photographer Adrian Fisk. 

Titled Until the Last Oak Falls, the photographs charts early British environmental direct action protests, from 1995 to 1999, reminding us of those that did all they could quarter of a century ago to warn us of the dangers of environmental destruction - and why we should have listened to them. 

In honour of that work, an extraordinary panel of speakers, including Adrian himself, brought together legendary activists Swampy and, from recent tree protests, Swan as well as committed HS2 protestors Rollie and Josie. They spoke about techniques past and present, how social media can both help an action but also potentially identify the activists, and philosophies of change.

After the panel, attendees and activists from across movements - from climate justice to environmental and animal activism - mixed together in what was one of the Islington Climate Centre’s richest, most dynamic evenings yet.

It was also surreal. Half way through the evening, just before the panel kicked off, a buzz went round the room: the queen had died. And yes, we just kept on going - because, right now, the trees matter.

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