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We host a Subversive Catwalk

On June 29, The Islington Climate Centre hosted a fabulous 'Subversive Catwalk', a dynamic live display, created by campaign group a:dress, of up-cycled clothing embellished with messages about the devastating impact fast fashion has on the planet. The aim: to highlight the devastating, often untold, impact of the mega-bucks fashion industry on the people who work within its supply chains, the lands from which it draws resources, the animals whose lives and habitats are destroyed in its making. Did you know, for example, that fashion produces more CO2 emissions than all aviation and shipping combined?

The event is the brainchild of Leah Thorn, founder of a:dress, a dynamic project creating pop-up art spaces in which to raise awareness about the devastating impact fast fashion has on the planet - and what can be done about it. Using a mix of poetry, facts, ‘fashion’ and film, this dynamic Folkestone-based art/activist campaign commits to highlighting the ways that women and girls are particularly affected by climate crisis AND targeted by the fast fashion industry.

PS. The main event took place at Unity Chapel. Go to 2.53 to see the Climate Centre's front window.

Follow a:dress on Instagram here:

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