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Group Planting a Tree


How to create resilient community structures

There's a strong understanding, given the slow pace of governments and big business to respond to the poly crisis, that resilience and strength lie in new community structures, new democratic systems, even new economic systems. Into this topic come the idea of people's assemblies, community climate action plans and - increasingly - how to re-create the commons. Find inspiration below.


Bristol Commons - a new community coalition to build community power Co-founder of Rising Up (parent of Extinction Rebellion), founder of CoResist Collective and Co-Director of Coexist, Daniel Balla speaks about the launch of The Bristol Commons - a new community coalition to build community power, increase community wealth and enhance community health.



Organisations as Communities Part 1. Fostering communities in orgs create anti-fragile, responsive, & thrivable organizations, by Sahana Chattopadhyay for Age of Emergence. Key sentence? "Going ahead, organizations of the future will possibly function as Transformative Communities connecting diverse, distributed and multi-talented individuals who will come together to move toward an Evolutionary Purpose."

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