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Wind Mills


Ditch fossil fuels

Fossil fuel companies are planning to launch over 40 new coal, oil and gas extraction projects in the UK but the science is clear: to avoid climate breakdown, there must be no new fossil fuel extraction projects.

Instead of locking us into expensive fossil fuels for decades, the government can slash energy bills by insulating more homes and ramping up the production of homegrown renewable energy. Wind and solar power are much cheaper and quicker to develop than new oil and gas fields. Find out more.


Peak Fossil Fuel Demand will happen this Decade, But the decline in oil, gas and coal will not be steep enough to limit global warming to 1.5C. Financial Times. (September, 2023)

According to new projections from the International Energy Agency, demand for the three fossil fuels - oil, gas, and coal - is set to come to an end this decade, bringing with it significant change for the global energy sector and the fight against climate change. This is the first time a peak in demand is visible for each sector this decade - earlier than many people expected.


A 5-point plan to meet the UK's energy needs

Friends of the Earth have a plan to meet the country’s energy needs and ensure a cleaner, more affordable future

How much space will a 100% renewables UK require? (August, 2020)

An energy future dominated by renewable energy will require large areas of land to be devoted to solar and wind farms, both onshore and offshore.

Off-Grid or Stand-Alone Renewable Energy Systems. From the Department of Energy
For many people, powering their homes or small businesses using a small renewable energy system that is not connected to the electricity grid -- called a stand-alone system -- makes economic sense and appeals to their environmental values.

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