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Climate change and its impacts on health

Climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity, threatening to undo 50 years of progress in development, global health, poverty reduction and to further widen existing health inequalities between and within populations. Global heating of even 1.5°C is not considered safe - and every additional tenth of a degree of warming will take a serious toll on lives and health. While no one is safe from these risks, the people being harmed first and worst by the climate crisis are inevitably those who contribute least to its causes, and who are least able to protect themselves and their families against it - people in low-income and disadvantaged countries and communities.


Another deadly pandemic seems inevitable - but there is a way to avoid it. John Vidal, The Guardian. July 4, 2023.

Three quarters of all new diseases are zoonotic derived, that is, from the way we treat and farm animals. Collapse of biodiversity is also creating the perfect conditions for new viruses. In a precise but pan-system article, Vidal outlines the six actions we should be taking to prevent further outbreaks of disease.

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