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Communicating Climate

Telling new stories

Without understanding the breadth of climate and ecological breakdown, we will never take the action we need, at the speed we need. How can activists talk about climate change to those still to listen? And how can they offer it as an opportunity for transformation towards a more equitable future, where communities work dynamically to take care of nature, other peoples and other animals? The writers and thinkers in the resources below grapple with these ideas.



How to talk about climate change over the festive period. By Isabelle Drury, Medium. Dec 1, 2023.Handy thoughts from a polished writer on tackling climate change over the Christmas dinner table.


Grantham Annual Lecture 2022: The ever-growing climate movement: Shaping climate change narratives with Brian Eno.
Cultural influence holds the key to understanding the challenges of climate change and coalescing around solutions. This event begins with a keynote speech from Brian Eno. As co-founder of EarthPercent, this highly influential musician, producer, visual artist and activist is reforming the music industry’s action towards climate change. The panel - Nilesha Chauvet, Managing Director, GOOD Agency; Jason deCaires Taylor, Sculptor and creator of the world's first underwater sculpture park; Carly McLachlan, Professor of Climate and Energy Policy, University of Manchester, chaired by Baroness Lola Young, discusses how culture can shape collective mobilisation, individual behaviour-change and action in tackling climate change in our modern world.


A New Era in Climate Communications. This collaborative effort spans +60 contributors and organizations developed by the New Zero World in partnership and with the support of the Global Commons Alliance. With this work, the group want to lay the foundation for a transformed future through the power of communication and creativity. They are developing a radically new approach which brings together science and creativity to reimagine and rework how we communicate about the climate crisis—the biggest challenge and opportunity facing humanity today. Read the White Paper here.

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