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Engaging Schools in Climate Action: Resources


Green Schools Project

“Green Schools Project supports schools to develop an adequate response to the climate and ecological crisis. We help students to lead projects, we deliver teacher training sessions, and we support schools to reduce their carbon emissions with a focus on the learning opportunities provided by this process.”

Let’s Go Zero is a campaign calling on the government for support and funding to help all UK schools reach zero carbon by 2030. Working with a coalition of sustainable school organisations, Let's Go Zero is uniting schools, teachers, and young people to drive change and spark climate action in communities across the country, reducing emissions, increasing biodiversity, and safeguarding the planet for future generations.

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Ministry of Eco Education

“We’ve saved teachers the time and energy by weaving all the free resources into a series of lessons linked to the national curriculum and embedded the wealth of opportunities for schools into every lesson for every pupil.”

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Watch the launch of the new impact report here.

Read the report here.

Mock Cop

“When the COP26 conference was meant to run in 2020, youth delegates from over 140 countries gathered at our own Mock Conference to show the ambition and dreams of young people fighting for a fair, equal, and green world. We are now mobilising a global movement of young people, with empowerment and representation at its core, to campaign for their leaders to implement policies dedicated to meaningful climate action.”

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Our Classroom Climate

“The UK and Ireland's First Climate Change Education Programme. Aimed at Primary level schools, the OCC programme is made up of downloadable digital lessons and experiments, all of which teach children about the environment and how to make positive change.”

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Pupils Profit

Pupils Profit teaches pupils how to set up and operate sustainable Healthy Tuck Shops and new Eco refill businesses, which all contribute to a school's overall well being. Founder Lizzie Gimblett works with schools across the UK, supplying Enterprise Training Toolkits and ethical products to sell in child-led schoolyard enterprises. The fully circular ECO Refill Shops are participating in a London Pilot funded by the GLA. The Pilot is showing early evidence of the refill shop’s potential to reduce plastic waste by increasing reuse in the wider school community, whilst building children’s workplace and life skills, and providing them with a practical action to support the environment.

Find out more here.

Teach the Future

“Teach the Future is an inclusive, well organised and persistent campaign by secondary and tertiary education students to greatly improve education on the climate emergency and ecological crisis in the UK. We are campaigning for change across the whole of the UK.”

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Climate Education: Dedicated to promoting better climate education in schools and colleges

Author: Reading University.

Climate Education Action Plan.

Author: University of Reading. Date: 2021

Teaching About Climate Change

Author: Public First. Published by UCL’s Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education (CCCSE). Date: June 2022


The Kids are Not OK. By Dr Julia Steinberger

How to talk to your child about climate change

How to talk to children about the climate crisis: ‘Have clear, age-appropriate facts in mind but remember you do not need to be a climate scientist to talk about the climate crisis,’ says Megan Kennedy-Woodard, Climate Psychologist

How to talk honestly to kids about climate change — and still give them hope. By Katharine Hayhoe PhD and Rosimar Rios-Berrios PhD

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