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Our second event: Greening our Homes

How can I reduce my fuel bills? What is a heat pump and how do I install one? What are the best ways to insulate my home? What sources of energy should Islington be using more of?

We explored all these questions - and more - at our exciting Greening Our Homes event, on April 2nd, and we couldn't have timed it better. Energy prices have just gone sky high and people need advice and support - and our speakers were there to help!

Did you know we have a world first groundbreaking energy project in Islington? James Wilson, Acting Head of Energy at Islington Council, talked about the revolutionary Bunhill project, which converts heat from the London Underground into electricity.

Later, permaculture designer, craftsman, forest school teacher Piers Clifford talked through haybox. Otherwise known as strawboxs, fireless cookers, even wonder ovens, hayboxes utilize the heat of the food being cooked to complete the cooking process.

Renewable energy consultant, founder of Renewables for Schools, Funky Renewables and winner of the Islington Green Award for Energy Efficiency Campaign (2005) Fergal McEntee campaigned successfully to get recycling into Islington council. At our event, Fergal unravelled different types of renewable energy - from wind to solar and more - to a fascinated audience.

Finally, Fergal joined Chris Procter, architect and author of the LETI (The London Energy Transformation Initiative) Guide to retrofitting in Conservation in a community-led group to discuss the most efficient ways of insulating our homes right now and just what you need to install a heat pump in your home.

Kai Saunders from environmental charity Possible was also on hand to talk about citizen campaigning and lobbying governments.

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