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Kids Day Special!!

We had our FIRST Kids Day Special on May 14th - and yes, it was just as rambunctious and lively as we thought it was going to be!

We decided to expand our super popular toy swap to include books and clothes and it went BRILLIANTLY. We even saw one (admittedly small-size) mum snaffle a gorgeous yellow skirt from Boden, aged 12-14, for herself. Which we LOVED.

The block printers were back - keeping the kids busy with gorgeous wooden blocks of some of the wonderful animals we share our planet with. Top story of the week: the little boy who wore his newly printed whale t-shirt to his exams "because my whale will give me luck." Whales can do that, no doubt about it!

Our cardboard boxes (thank you, Marks and Spencer) as a play area went down a treat, with the kids getting super creative with pens and scissors and turning the boxes into robot costumes and mad houses. In total (welcome) contrast, we LOVED having Filipa de Camo from The Garden Classroom, sitting quietly outside in the sun, showing kids how to make seedballs for their local parks.

Finally, our EXTRA SPECIAL GUEST AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR CHRIS HAUGHTON delivered TWO incredible presentations about his wonderful short film Antartica (watch it here).

Engaging and educatoring the centre's children, Chris talked about visiting the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge, how scientists measured CO2 levels from ancient ice and how the loss of sea ice could affect all of us and the animals. The kids had loads of questions and ideas - always a good sign. Find loads of fun activities on Chris's website here. We literally can't wait to have Chris back for more.

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