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Up the revolution with Paris '68 Redux

On Saturday May 28, Michael Collins and Dom, from Paris '68 Redux, hosted a fantastic poster making workshop. We've never seen the centre so lively!

Visitors were invited to pick a pre-printed A3 images and then choose from (a HUGE) selection of stencils (from text to beautiful graphics of animals and people) to overlay words and images to powerful effect. All ages got involved - and most people left with more than few of their own, hand-stenciled creations.

We literally cannot get over the creativity of Islington residents!

In 1968, the streets of Paris staged a battle between 6,000 student demonstrators and 1,500 gendarmes. Within days, it had snowballed into civil dispute that saw 10 million French workers go on general strike and brought the economy to a virtual halt.

Collins started Paris 68 Redux to re-interpret the work of the “Atelier Poplulaire” of Paris in 1968. The “AP” were groups of students, union members and everyone coming together, work-shopping ideas, then voting on which ones to mass produce, printing tons and going straight out to fly post Paris. Some of that spirit was definitely present in the centre.

If you missed this, don't worry. We're inviting Michael and Dom back soon to host another workshop. Keep your eye on our events channel!

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