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Volunteering at the Islington Climate Centre


Attending events. We’d LOVE for volunteers to come to our events, see what’s happening.It’s the easiest way to become part of the team. Check out the latest events here.

Event collaborators. We want to work with local groups and businesses to host events that respond to the climate crisis. Come talk to us about this.

Host a Climate Fresk. One of our most successful workshops is Climate Fresk, a lively workshop that gets to grips with the climate crisis in a dynamic, simple-to-understand, collaborative format. Would you consider hosting one in your community or workplace? Find out more here.

In the space

Holding the space. Ideally, we’d like to keep the space open for a few hours every day, to greet people, answer questions and refer them to relevant expertise. Do you have an hour a week to do that?

Upkeep. Again, do you have an hour? We need to keep the unit looking smart and would appreciate help with a brush-up

Wi Fi. We’re having trouble getting internet up and running in the unit. Help!

At your desk

Canva. Are you a whiz with Canva? Because it’s driving us mad.

Grant applications and fundraising. We need help with applying for grants. If this is something you’re familiar with, it’ll take you half the time. Get in touch.

Research: We have an Informed section on our website which we would like to be a repository of articles, podcasts, reports and other resources. Anything you think we should add?

Social media. If you have a presence on social media, can you share our events around your online communities?

Website. We’re operating on but feel it needs a spruce. Is this something you’re familiar with?

Around Islington

Distribution. We’d love help with getting our flyers into different retail spaces, community centres, restaurants, cafes etc in the area. We’ll have a pile at the centre. Come take some off us.

Go see your MP. Please go and see your local MP to talk about your concern about an issue that’s important to you; whether that’s restoring nature in Islington, creating resilience, retrofitting, helping the elderly. This isn’t directly to do with the Islington Climate Centre but it is about engaging dynamically in local government.

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